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"The Gifts from the Gods combines the art of story-telling with Greek mythology in a highly engaging and empowering program that allows students to realise and explore their own values and strengths as individuals. The talents of Karen Eastwood from Story Spot and Alex Wegner from Sketch It Live take students on a journey through Greek mythology, listening to and role-playing tales of heroics, before crafting their own version where they are the hero of their own story.


I would highly recommend this program, as it caters for all students. Even the most reluctant of writers can't help but get swept up in the mythology and create their own story maps of worlds where they conquer the beast. Thank you, Alex and Karen, for the gifts you Goddesses bestowed upon us."

 Jess Bowman, Teacher, ICT Coordinator, Tighes Hill Public School



Why book this program?

  • Students will gain an appreciation of the key Olympian gods and goddesses.

  • Students will benefit from listening to a story being told not read.

  • Students will have the opportunity to define and celebrate their own personal strengths.

  • Students will learn about sketchnoting.

  • Students will enjoy a variety of learning modalities.

  • Students will have storyboarded an original hero myth ready for drafting.

  • Teachers will enjoy observing and participating as a form of professional development.

  • Our program addresses many NESA English and PDHPE Stage 3 Outcomes and Objectives.

Cost: $375 


90 minute program

up to 30 students

For further enquiries or bookings contact:


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