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Book a Story Spot visit to your preschool.


“Karen from Story Spot is an engaging and interactive storyteller, who captivated our children’s attention for the entire time she was here.


Karen encouraged our children to consider ways to tell a story without a book, and to understand a story's format. This inspired the children to create their own stories in the weeks afterwards.


I highly recommend Story Spot to inspire both children and educators.”


Tash Croft

Cooks Hill Preschool Director

Excellent! The kids enjoyed participating. The way it was presented kept the children  interested and allowed them to talk about their experiences. Teaching children about things you can be proud of was excellent.

St Andrew's Community Preschool, Cooks Hill

"Karen's classes are a vibrant and creative introduction to storytelling and music for pre-schoolers. Classes are lively, with original themes and many original songs.

Karen has an exceptional rapport with her pupils and their parents at JASSPA. Her classes have been fantastically well received."

Beverly Sizer, James Allen's Saturday School For the Performing Arts (JASSPA)

East Dulwich, London

Story Spot programs support many preschool social and educational aims and objectives.

"Develop conflict resolution skills"

"collaborate and be co-contributors"


Story Spot programs are designed so that the children are actively involved in problem solving within the story itself.  

"Empathy and social development"

Storytelling provides a framework in which children can explore characters' lives and situations.

"Social skills including sharing and listening"

The children are given a variety of opportunities to listen quietly, actively participate in the telling of the stories and also contribute ideas in our segment, "Let's Bake a Story!"

"Develop language and literacy skills"

Story Spot sessions involve music, rhythm and rhyme, word play and story building. By listening to stories and by helping create them, children learn how to understand narrative and develop vocabulary. 

"Learning that is engaging"

In each Story Spot session, the children experience stories as a physical and emotional journey. The children become actively involved in the stories and as a result are very present and engaged. 

Early literacy has never been so much fun!


Story Spot is where the adventure begins!

Very engaging...Beautiful stories, songs and standing/dance time was great.

The children really enjoyed the storytelling."


Blinkies Early Education Centre

"The program was great, very interactive with meaningful stories told and broken up to maintain the children's focus."


KU Wonnayba


"I liked the acknowledgement of Aboriginal people being our first storytellers."

"Great concept ...Very engaging program with a good mixture of listening and active participation.

Karen is an amazing entertainer who engages and captures the audience's attention."

"Karen was enthusiastic, and overall, educational in a fun way."

Tilly's Play and Development Centre 

Waratah 2

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