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Karen's Story

Many years ago, on an island in the North Sea, Karen lived life as a teacher of Drama and English in the busy and bustling city of London.


One beautiful sunny day, she gave up working in schools to start a brilliant new company, Chinwag, Music and Storytelling for Little Ones and their Grown-Ups! Life was good and the Chinwaggers were all content until the time came for Karen to journey to Australia.


It was in 2009 that Karen began working as one half of the Wacky Wombat team at Newcastle Region Public Library. Soon after Wacky Wombat retired in 2014, 'Stories Come Alive' was born and there was much rejoicing! Then in May 2017, a hiatus was announced for this program and the people cried out for more story adventuring...

Karen came to the rescue with Story Spot!

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